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Outsourcing Services

On-site Scanning Services

Scan4U Outsourcing ServicesDo you like the idea of implementing a Document Imaging system, yet have such a large backlog of data and forms to process / scan that you might require outside assistance from Scan4U to get you started?

Alternatively you may already have an internal system but at times you may simply need additional help. Scan4U Scanning Services can assist you during these peak times.

Scan4U offers a variety of scanning services, ranging from our bureau service based in Longmeadow, Modderfontein, which services the Gauteng region, to take that volume of backlog off your hands, through to an on-site service providing qualified people and equipment as and when you need it.

All our people are fully trained in the leading edge techniques and methods that we employ in all our projects, guaranteeing you a quality service, whichever approach you may want to take.

Hosting Services

Scan4U Hosting Services

If you need to be able to actively search for and retrieve your scanned document images on a regular basis, but don’t have the infrastructure or the experience to be able to manage the images and metadata by yourself, then Scan4U Hosted Services might be able to help.

We can load your scanned images onto a secure hosted system with a fully web-enabled search & retrieve interface that your users will find intuitive and extremely easy to use. They can access their documents directly via their internet browser and then be able to save, print, email or fax the document without ever leaving their desks!

And you can stop worrying about keeping your systems up to date or backed up. Scan4U will sort it all out for you.

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Document Indexing Services

Data Entry Services

Document Indexing
When converting your paper documents into electronic document images it is vitally important to “index” the images so that you can retrieve them at a later stage, otherwise you are in no better a position than when you had a pile of paper in your offices. (Although you don’t have to look at them any more!)

Document Indexing is the electronic equivalent of manually writing information about the enclosed documents on the spine of a lever arched file. Having said that, because you can capture multiple indexes, it is possible to search for your documents in many different ways, which is simply impossible to do in a paper based system. For example, you could search for invoices received during April last year, or alternatively for all invoices that don’t have a PO number. It is this flexibility in retrieval that many companies claim is one of their primary benefits when implementing document imaging.

However, the quality of the index information can make or break a document imaging implementation. Get the data wrong and you almost certainly land up with a “lost” document (one that doesn’t get retrieved correctly). Consequently it is imperative to use a quality Data Entry Service like that of Scan4U Scanning Services to ensure it is handled correctly. By using the latest technology scanners and software, combined with our leading edge techniques and highly experienced data capture clerks, we guarantee a superior service that will provide accurate, speedy data that you can rely on.

We employ many different index verification methods, ranging from “blind double capture”, through manual and automatic capture and lookup techniques. All are designed to ensure that you get the right information attached to the right document, as quickly as possible, ensuring a smooth operation of your document imaging environment.

These and other data capture techniques are also used to extract as much of the data from the documents as is needed if you intend populating a database or back-end system with the data for computational, order filling or research purposes. This is also referred to as Forms Processing and is a key service we provide.

See what our previous customers have to say about us.

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Scanning Services

Our Document Scanning Services

  • You are in business for a specific purpose – to provide a service or product to other individuals or organisations. Information and Document Management is vitally important for your business, but they are not usually your specialty. Scan4U can help by becoming an “extension” of your business in order to perform your Scanning Services function for you.

    Document scanning allows you to become more environmentally friendly, cut costs, improve your workflows and modernise your company all at the same time. The recognised benefits of document scanning are endless, but at the very least having your documents scanned as images will massively improve your productivity.

  • Scan4U Scanning Services
  • The Benefits of Using Our Services

    • Improve Your Document Management
    • No More Lost Documents
    • Quick & Easy Retrieval of Documents
    • Backup Copies for Disaster Recovery
    • Reduce Your Courier Costs
    • Reclaim Storage Space
    • Meet Your Compliance Requirements
    • No Need for Expensive Equipment
    • No Staffing Problems
    • Quick, Accurate Service
    • Unique Money Back Guarantee
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