Document Scanning

The World of Document Scanning

Document Scanning, sometimes referred to as digitising documents, converts your backlog of paper documents into searchable electronic document images.

  • Reduce your stress levels by removing all those piles of paper;
  • Save money by recovering the space used by all those filing cabinets;
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by responding to your Customers’ queries instantly with exactly the information they need!
Scan4U Scanning Services can help you! As one of South Africa’s leading document scanning companies, we can digitise your paper documents into electronic PDF or TIFF documents (or any other document format you would like) on CD or other storage device of choice.

We do this by utilising our high volume, high quality scanners; superior software; and experienced Data Capturers, who will “index” the documents so that you can search for and retrieve the image as and when you need it.
You can store 20 – 30 boxes of A4 documents as images onto one CD-ROM – quite a difference in storage space!

You could even search the resulting digitised document image for contextualised text strings – exactly like you would in Adobe PDF Reader or Microsoft Word.

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to instantly access your critical business information by viewing digitised scanned images of your paper documents. Rather than spending your time LOOKING for information, we want you to spend your time USING that information.

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