Document Scanning

Scanning Cost Estimation

How many Pages of Paper do I have? In our previous article, we addressed some issues over whether there is a business case for considering document imaging / document scanning. One of the first questions that needs to be answered when actually trying to calculate the return on investment for your backfile scanning, is how […]

Paper Scanning Techniques

Backlog Scanning vs Today Forward Scanning – Should we treat them differently? Most companies that are considering implementing document image scanning receive paper documents (such as application forms) every business day and consequently have both “current” documents (still to be processed) and “historical” documents (that have already been processed). The question often asked is whether […]

The Document Scanning Business Case

Why Scan at all? So, now we know that document scanning / imaging is not as simple as we first thought – is there a document scanning business case / Return on Investment (RoI) at all? In some cases there might not be. To determine if it is appropriate in your case, you would need […]


Searching for the right information?

Drowning in Paper? Backscanning is the solution ” A recent Price Waterhouse study required a paralegal to find 20 documents out of 20,000. After 67 hours of searching, the paralegal found 15 of the requested 20 documents. Given the same task, a document imaging system found all 20 documents in less than 3 seconds.“ —Imaging […]

Document Scanning

The World of Document Scanning Document Scanning, sometimes referred to as Document Digitisation, converts your backlog of paper documents into searchable electronic document images. Reduce your stress levels by removing all those piles of paper; Save money by recovering the space used by all those filing cabinets; Increase Customer Satisfaction by responding to your Customers’ […]

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